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"Hi There!"

Hello and welcome to My Macro Snacks!

My name is Tom and I am the founder and creator of My Macro Snacks.


I'm a personal trainer who has a passion for everything health, fitness and nutrition. I believe nutrition is the most important part of any fitness goal, yet it is also the easiest to get wrong.

We all lead busy lifestyles, which unfortunately means we usually neglect our nutritional needs. However, it is easier than you think to hit whatever fitness or diet related goals we set ourselves.

A Platform For You

I created My Macro Snacks with the aim of it being used as a platform to help you on your journey to achieving your health and fitness goals.


With so much information out there today and with everyone claiming to be an expert it has become difficult to decipher what is relevant and what is correct. I want to use My Macro Snacks as the go to place to filter out the noise.


  • A platform to share all things food with tasty healthy recipes and inspiration for healthy meals.

  • A platform to share tips, tricks and advice. Share current industry related news and bust any myths.

  • A platform to provide motivation to keep you focused on your goals on the days you need that extra push.

  • A platform to find the music you need on your gym playlists.

What's On The Blog?

Within my blog you'll find easy to follow recipes providing you with healthier alternatives to your favourite foods and snacks. If you're in need of some inspiration then you will find weekly meal prep ideas as well as the odd guilty weekend treat!

I'll share with you my tips, tricks and a range of helpful advice gained through either personal experience or through industry leaders results. Gain the knowledge to stay ahead of the game and avoid easy mistakes.

Stay focused on your goals with motivational articles. You may just read something in there that will give you that needed push.

Check out my reviews and recommendations on a variety of foods, products, services, tech...basically anything health and fitness related. Everything reviewed will have been tried and tested with an honest opinion.

Finally, find the music you should have to power you through your workouts. I'll share playlists with something new, different and nostalgic which will be updated to keep them fresh.

It's time to smash your goals and don't forget to come and say 'Hi' on the socials!

Tom @ My Macro Snacks